How to Combine Email and Chatbots to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

When operating in a competitive industry or market segment, business owners must seek out products and tools that will give them an advantage over their rivals. This is especially the case in the world of marketing. Utilizing the latest and greatest marketing tools can see your company fly past the competition – especially if they are still heavily focused on out-dated advertising mediums.

At first glance, using email marketing might seem like an old-school strategy. However, by pairing email marketing with the use of chatbots, it is possible to create a highly effective sales funnel. This, in turn, will likely have a strong positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a piece of artificial intelligence software that you can add to your website or social media profile. Your customers will then be able to ask the chatbot common questions like “What are your store hours?” or “What is the price of this product?”. The chatbot will then be able to provide them with the answer in a quick and easy way. Indeed, some chatbots are so efficient and human-like that it can be difficult to tell the difference between speaking with the program and speaking with a real human.

How can chatbots be paired with email to create an effective sales funnel?

When a customer interacts with your chatbot, they will be telling it about the things that they are interested in, and the general price points that they are trying to stick within. For example, a customer might ask your chatbot “How much does this premium dog food cost?”. At this point, you know that the customer likely has a dog, and is willing to spend a little extra to ensure that it gets the best possible food. You can then use this information as part of a targeted email campaign. In this case, you might want to send the customer some emails mentioning the benefits of using superior dog food, and how they can get it at a discount by buying from you.

In its simplest form, coupling email marketing with a chatbot is all about personalization. Your customers tell your chatbot exactly what they are interested in, and in turn, you can market those brands or products to them via email. This helps the customer because they only get advertisements for things that they are actually interested in – which of course means that they are much more likely to actually make a purchase than someone who doesn’t care about the product.

Though chatbots are likely somewhat new to most business owners, they can be a highly effective tool in just about any business. By pairing them with an efficient and effective email marketing strategy, you will soon see your company’s revenue grow by leaps and bounds.

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