The Five Best Ways for Small Business Owners to Add Sizzle to Their Visual Marketing in 2019  

If you want to ensure your small business’ marketing is effective in 2019, one of the savviest moves you can make is to upgrade your visual marketing strategy. While content marketing and social media marketing are core components of effective small business growth marketing, neither works without a detailed visual marketing strategy.

Visual marketing means the eye-catching visuals you create to accompany your audience outreach efforts. From the blog post headers you create for your content marketing to the stop-you-in-your-tracks images you post on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, each component of your visual marketing outreach needs to be strong.

Small business owners who understand 2019’s hottest visual marketing trends are best poised to take advantage of these new shifts in audience engagement. If you want help upping your small business’ visual marketing game in 2019, following are the five best ways to add sizzle to your visual content creations:


Duo-Tone Bright Color Combinations

If you do only one thing to upgrade your small business visual marketing in 2019, developing a palette of duo-tone bright color combinations is a must. Branding in 2019 will be all about bright colors combined in simple ways. This isn’t the time to use every color in the rainbow. Choose two bright colors, e.g., bright yellow and bright red, and then create brand assets using just those two tones. Tools like or make it easy to apply specific colors to your visual marketing brand assets. Develop a detailed strategy of which bright colors you’ll combine together and then work those color combinations into your small business’ marketing throughout the year.



The typography you use in 2019 can make or break your audience outreach campaigns. Now is the time to choose your small business’ typography and integrate your choices into everything from your business’ blog to the visual marketing graphics you create. Choose typography fonts that are dramatic and bold, yet won’t appear dated in a few years. Don’t forget to apply the duo-tone bright color theory to your typography!


Gradient Tones 

Gradient tones will be a hot visual marketing trend for small business owners in 2019. Learn to apply gradient colors to components of your visual marketing images and you’ll have nailed this hot trend. Whether it’s the background color in your social media marketing images or the color you use on icons in your content marketing images, 2019 will be the year of gradient coloring.


Black and White with Pops of Color

Black and white images with pops of color will be all the rage in 2019. Think black and white with just one item in an image highlighted in a bright neon color. From product images on social media to the background of your website, make sure you’re integrating black and white with a pop of color into your visual marketing strategy.


GIFS and Memes

GIFS and memes will continue to be hot in 2019. Start working on your small business’ GIF and meme strategy now if you want this hot visual marketing trend to work for your company. Determine the type of visuals you want to use (animal, abstract, high-speed motion, etc.) and then create a plan-of-action to incorporate your strategy into your visual marketing efforts. Know when to use GIFS and memes and when to opt for traditional visual elements like static images or stock photography. Make sure your GIF/meme strategy aligns with your small business’ brand or you’ll end up looking like you’re trying too hard to capitalize on a marketing trend.


Once you discover the five best ways for small business owners to add sizzle to visual marketing in 2019, you’ll wish you had created a detailed eyeball optimization strategy sooner. Small business owners can significantly increase their digital marketing ROI (return on investment) via visuals, but there needs to be a detailed plan in place to do so. Contact SkyLowe today if you are in need of professional design services.

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