Video Can Add Value to Your E-commerce Marketing Plan

Video is a highly valuable tool in an e-commerce marketing plan. Using videos to sell products and services is one of the soundest marketing strategies. Not only can you use them to increase consumer engagement and purchasing activity, but you also can apply them successfully for multiple marketing campaigns. Videos will add value and return on investment for your marketing initiatives.


Paid Search

You are probably already aware of the significance of search engine optimization, but you may not have considered that video can increase the value of your paid search campaigns. When Google introduced paid search ads on YouTube, retailers jumped at the chance to bid on keywords on the networks. The paid option offered merchants higher visibility for their video ads, and many businesses with YouTube content are already increasing click-through conversions.


Display Advertising

If you want consumers to watch your videos, then display ads might be a useful venue for your business. According to Blue State Digital, display ads outperform search ads for video views. Concurrent with this finding, the company developed a theory that consumers may be more willing to watch videos when previewing display ads. Researchers also believed that most consumers who conducted searches were explicitly looking for website content, not video content.


Retargeting Ads

If retargeting ads are part of your marketing strategy, then you might want to consider adding videos there as well. Videos are more compelling than static images and have a better chance of catching consumers’ attention. In recent studies, retargeted ads that included video demonstrated a 5 to 10 percent rise in conversions, with similar numbers for site visits and revenue. SkyLowe offers Retargeting services as well as all of the other methods mentioned in this blog.


Email Marketing

You can expand the use of product and service videos beyond the constraints of your website. In recent studies from the Relevancy Group, marketers reported that emails with videos had higher click-through rates, and at least 41 percent of the respondents also saw an increase in forwarding and sharing of emails. Because videos offer compelling content and are more likely to generate customer referrals, it would be wise to add them to ongoing marketing activities as well as sales and other promotional emails. Relevant videos can inspire consumers to take action on your offerings when words are insufficient motivators.


Pinterest and Instagram

Finally, you should not neglect social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest when adding videos to other social media networks. Most users don’t know they can do this, and that these sites support linking to video content. Both of these photo-sharing platforms have growing communities, and encouraging sharing among followers is an excellent way to increase engagement.

In today’s crowded e-commerce marketplaces, it’s not easy to get the attention of a consumer who routinely gets bombarded with emails and marketing messages. Using videos to set yourself apart from and above the clutter can offer your business a huge advantage over competitors. Videos can reel in hesitant consumers, engage them, and get them back into the sales funnel.


If you are looking to propel your business forward with one or more of these methods, SkyLowe is here to help!

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